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We regret to announce that this conference is cancelled due to the coronavirus situation. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

English: The elephant in the room with terminology, translation and interpreting

Bangor University, Wales, 27 June 2020

This one-day conference is organized by Bangor University with the support of the European Association for Terminology (EAFT) and will follow the annual meetings of ISO Technical Committee 37 on Language and Terminology.

Presentations at EAFT events regularly explore a diverse array of terminological and translation issues for a variety of languages, each with their own perspectives, requirements and challenges. Often, however, the elephant in the room is our shared experience of operating under the ever-present influence of English, both as a lingua franca, and as the medium in which new concepts are first discussed.

Acknowledging and addressing this reality could serve to increase our collaboration as we work with our languages in the same conceptual spheres. This would allow us to identify best practice in dealing with many of the issues caused by the specific peculiarities of the English language.

We welcome papers on this theme in the fields of:

  • terminology
  • translation
  • interpreting
  • related technologies
  • less-resourced languages
  • plain language

Call for papers

We invite interested parties to submit abstracts for papers and/or posters to techiaith@bangor.ac.uk by 06 March 2020.

Abstracts should not exceed 500 words (excluding bibliography). Please specify if you would prefer to present a poster.

Notification of acceptance of papers: 27 March 2020.

Attendance is free of charge. Please register for the conference here.

Working languages: English, Welsh (interpreting provided)

Keynote speaker

Christopher Balmford

Managing Director, Words and Beyond Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

Christopher is a sea-kayaker, a former lawyer, an entrepreneur and a plain-language advocate and practitioner. He is the convenor and project leader of ISO’s TC 37 Working Group 11, Plain Language. In 1999, he founded the consultancy Words and Beyond, which provides plain-language training, cultural change and document rewriting services.

Clients include more than 30 government bodies, more than 50 public listed companies, 8 major Australian law firms, many smaller companies and law firms, the International Labour Organization of the United Nations, and the European Central Bank.

Christopher is a past-president of the international plain language organisation Clarity, which is one of the 3 organisations that formed the International Plain Language Federation. In 2000, Christopher founded the online, legal document provider Cleardocs, which ThomsonReuters acquired in 2011.